Composition task

By using the following chordal pattern, compose a Mazurka dance in the Polish style. Here are your chords and try and include the Lydian mode somewhere (in the key of C, the fourth degree of the scale would be sharp, therefore an F#). Some points before you start your melody:

  1. Notice the 2-bar and 4-bar phrases in the harmonies. Try to keep to the same pattern in your melody.
  2. Notice too the ABA structure in the YouTube link. In your task, only section A is present. What about composing a section B part yourself?
  3. You may want to imitate the mazurka rhythm; do so by all means. Notice how the chord changes in the last beat of the 2-bar phrases.
  4. What about transferring your piano score to other instruments? You may want to orchestrate it or adapt it to a String Quartet. Remember to add performance marks.