Exercise 2

  1. Beethoven uses an interval of a major 3rd in that famous melody from Symphony no. 5. By using ONE interval as a basis for your composition, create a melody, using all the techniques that you’re aware of (go to A10) to develop that idea. The same rhythm should also repeat in sequences.
  2. Try creating an IMPERFECT cadence at the end of your melody too. Remember the chordal sequence used by Beethoven I – aug 6th – V.
  3. This is another example of an aug. 6th from Symphony no. 5 in C minor by Beethoven.

    Here are bars 14-21 from the first movement. This chord is played directly before the first important cadence in the work, an imperfect cadence. You can fill in the rest of the chord in that bar. The lowest note is A.

    Here is the video:

    00:00 - 00:45 only