Extended taskl

  1. Look and listen to the Requiem Mass by Mozart once again. This is the movement called Confutatis Maledictis, and this example comes just two bars before the second plea: “Voca Me”.

    • The music is very chromatic but Mozart decides to steer the music towards the key of A minor.
    • He does this by including the three types of aug. 6th chords before the cadence.
    • he also resolves the three aug. 6th chords onto a dominant chord (V) in A minor, thus creating an imperfect cadence.

    Here is the score:

  2. Whilst looking at a waltz by Scott Joplin, try and detect the aug. 6th chord. It only appears once (twice with the repeat).

A small clue for you: The key of the waltz is E major. Go through the creative steps. i) The submediant is C. ii) The flattened submediant therefore is C. iii) So, look for a C in the left hand. iv) Then, try and analyse onto which chord it resolves.