Brief 1

“Compose two sections based on the minuet and trio for a chamber group. (You don’t need to compose the 'Da Capo'). The piece will be suitable for a concert at a musical festival in Wales celebrating young talent.”

A minuet is a dance in 3 time. It is usually in a moderate tempo. In works for chamber groups, e.g. string quartets, it usually appears as the third movement – the dance movement. The minuet is usually in an ABA structure, with the trio as a contrasting section in the middle. This type of work was most prevalant during the Classical era. Whilst composing this type of piece, you can think of several contrasts in the middle section.

Consider filling in a table like this one to get yourself organised before beginning work. (You don’t have to follow it closely, but it is a starting point and will provide you with ideas.)

Element Section A Section B
tonality major relative minor / dominant
time signature 3 time 4 time
tempo moderate moderate
texture / instrumentation a full string quartet melody and pizzicato
structure / construction 8 bar + 8 bar 4+4+4+4 bar
devices simulation drone, pedal notes

(2 trios here)

Make a few notes on these pieces.