Brief 4

“Compose a choral piece (SATB) suitable as a prayer in a religious service.”

You could use words if you prefer. Note the numbered bass and try and include harmonic movement, e.g. in the example – tonality in Bb (sub-dominant/IV – bar 3, and super tonic/ii – bars 6–7). Also in the example, there are two 64 chords on the tonic, including a passing chord, in bar 5 and a cadence chord in bar 7

Here are links to examples you could listen to before beginning work on your own original piece:

The last example is a recording by Stuart Burrows of the hymn, Rho im yr Hedd. This time, Burrows sings the highest line of the hymn-tune, which is the soprano part. The alto, tenor and bass parts are played by the accompanying organ.

Make notes describing what you hear in the above examples.

Element Notes
bass line