Brief 3

“Compose an 8 bar melody in compound or simple time to be used as background music to a film about the waterfalls on the River Wye.”

As the brief refers to a waterfall, consider using descending figures to reflect water flowing over the rocks and large stones in the river. Use long rhythms at the ond of the first phrase and at the end of your work. Consider the structure of the melody by using rhythms which can be repeated i.e. as a motif.

Below are links to examples of melodies you could listen to before you begin composing your own original work.

Notice how the first example introduces a melody with wide intervals, but one that generally descends. Also, the bass line offers interesting harmonic counterpoint in the treble line. The composer (Chopin) uses a texture where the bass plays chords on the second and third quaver of every beat, whilst supporting the magical melody in the treble. Try and discover which chords clash in the bass.

(the main melody from 01:00)

Consider how all these pieces portray the river. The first describes the flow of water and the others convey what is happening through words. Compile notes.

Element Notes