These study units by Einion Dafydd and Sioned Webb are designed to guide students through the steps that will help them to develop musical compositions for their examinations and WJEC curriculum. There are three units comprising of ten sections in each one.

Generally, the units are arranged as follows:

Unit A aimed at students studying for their GCSE Music

Unit B aimed at students studying for their AS Music

Unit C aimed at students studying for their A Level Music

By following these steps individually, students will study harmonies varying from simple chords to a developed harmonic language. There are also suggestions and exercises to help perfect their understanding of Western music tonality. Everything has been set in the context of a study of the tonality of different eras and the styles of various composers within those eras.

Finally, suggestions are given on to how to implement these studies within aesthetic compositions so as to satisfy examination requirements in addition to future works. Students and teachers are not required to adhere strictly to the set units and are free to pick and choose as they wish.


Sioned Webb is an experienced teacher and author of numerous books and resources; these include: Music of the Three Great Eras, Music of the Twentieth Century, Famous Songs From Wales, Music of Wales and Cherddoriaeth Ddu’r Ugeinfed Ganrif. She has also created various on-line resources and published many compositions.

Einion Dafydd has been a freelance musician for many years as well as being a composer with many of his scores having been performed on stage and television as well as being published. Following a period as senior music officer for the Arts Council of Wales, he is currently head of music at Ysgol David Hughes school.